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Bad Taste Recordings is proud to present The Fear EP, the second in a series of BCUK reissues - widely regarded as some of D&B’s most important works.

The title track of Bad Company UK’s debut EP, The Fear saw the super group deliver yet another anthem to Drum and Bass. Featuring a drum beat packed with masses of detail, huge snares and a tonne of attitude, it’s The Fear’s fizzing bassline that forms the backbone of this dancefloor weapon. Throw in Bad Company’s now iconic synths and you

After an introduction packed for atmosphere, 4 Days unleashes another one of their now signature riffs. Driven relentlessly forward by waspish synths, churning bass and detailed percussion, 4 Days surges forward, sounding just as fresh and urgent as ever.

Widely regarded as one of the most important production teams in Drum & Bass history, Bad Company UK formed the prototype of a radical new style of dance music. Combining cutting edge bass, synths and an attitude now taken for granted, they forged their own path, with members Fresh, Vegas, Maldini and dBridge creating a lasting legacy. The Fear EP is a shining example of this legacy, still sounding as fresh today as the day they were made, and still causing damage on dancefloors the world over.

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