Jam Thieves  Roots Fashion / 157


1. Roots Fashion
2. 157

This may be the first time you've seen the name Jam Thieves on a Bad Taste release but, for real heads, no introduction is necessary. You've all heard of Gui, the producer repping the Brazilian DnB heartland of São Paolo, whose brand of funk-driven minimalist roll-out has been showcased on imprints like Hospital, Souped Up, RAM, Dispatch and more. Of course, you have.

Now he's arrived on Bad Taste Recordings with something a bit special.

First up, 'Roots Fashion' twists elements of dub into the Jam Thieves paradigm, using dextrously subtle drum programming and bass manipulation to deliver a stepper aimed straight at the dancefloor.

Then, '157' adds a layer of technoid paranoia to proceedings. Clinically-precise drums set the tempo, as warping and reverberating basslines seethe around them and Jam Thieves tease us with tension-ramping builds and dropped-beat silences to add impact to every moment.

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