VovKING - Crucian

VovKING - Crucian

If you've been keeping up with Bad Taste's releases over the last few years, you'll know all about VovKING. Undoubtedly one of the top boys of Ukrainian DnB, his Tapolsky team-ups 'Bounce' and 'Schizoid' confirmed his place among the elite, as have a host of other releases across labels like Viper, Mainframe and Rampage.

Now, VovKING is back on Bad Taste with 'Crucian'. And this one is nuts.

When you hit the play button, you might think that the disconcertingly discordant build is the peak of the sonic madness in this track, but it is merely the appetiser. After dropping into a gritty stepper with pulsing beats and scything bass, VovKING proceeds to twist up the formula, with glitching modulations guaranteed to bring insanity to the dancefloor. And there's an epic breakdown and a whole new set of ideas for the second drop still to come.

Sure, this tune is going to get dropped, chopped and mixed all kinds of ways by creative selectors, but you could just let this one run and still deliver a full experience full of tension, release, conflict and drama.

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