BT050 - Black Box Four

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Upon a planet at the distant edge of the outer rim, following years lying dormant, forgotten, half covered by the dust and particles gathered over a millennia of meteorite impacts – the dark box shuddered suddenly into life.

An invisible ripple of energy pulses across the landscape, shifting particles inexorably outwards to rest in a circular ridge around the entity. The long silent signal activates, broadcasting its subversive message throughout the universe: an impulse of heavy data to overwhelm lifeforms everywhere.

Bad Taste continue their Black Box series with BLACK BOX 4, collating some of the best audio that the legendary label put out to date.

Featuring an impressive roster of artists including Agressor Bunx, Audio, Billain, Malux, Neonlight, Prolix, State of Mind, Teddy Killerz, The Upbeats and more – contained within are 20 tracks of high- grade devastating material, showcasing the might of one of dnb’s greatest labels.