BT035 - Teddy Killerz - Level Three

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After two stunning chapters, Teddy Killerz complete their groundbreaking trilogy on Bad Taste Recordings with Machine Room - Level Three. One of their most popular tracks, ‘New Drums’ gets the VIP treatment and a massive dose of energy. Harder, faster and louder than the already rowdy original, ‘New Drums VIP’ brings a drumstep beat to the rave. Next up sees the Teddy Killerz team up with Aeph, a producer responsible for Bad Taste classics such as ‘Scumbag’, ‘Nightrider’ and many more. A synergy of two styles have made their mark in a highly competitive scene, ‘Mistrust’ is a Neurofunk hybrid worth more than the sum of its parts. Next up, ‘Shake’ takes things to a darker plain with encompassing atmosphere, pulverising drums and a pounding, shifting Teddy Killerz bassline. Capping off the final trilogy, ‘Precious’ sees the Teddy Killerz turn their hand to Dubstep with impressive results. Lurching menacingly forward, Precious see the duo string rough bass textures over a drum framework, taking the Teddy Killerz ethos to yet another genre.