BT034 - Teddy Killerz - Level Two

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Showing off each facet to the Teddy Killerz style, each Level EP combines tempos and genres alike, whilst proving the versatility of one of the most exciting producers in the game.

Following their first highly acclaimed instalment, Machine Room - Level Two continues the Teddy Killerz incessant rise. One of their defining tracks, ‘New Drums’ gets a huge remix from Neonlight. Keeping the energy of the original and adding a new spin, the German duo put their own twist on one of the biggest tunes of last year. Next up sees the Teddy Killerz team up with Billain, one of the most unique producers in the game and a fellow member of the Bad Taste camp. The ultimate blend of Billain’s ingenious sound design and drum structure coupled with the raw filth of the Teddy Killerz, ‘Wizard’ will work its magic on the dancefloor. The deepest track on Level Two, ‘Offworld’ changes the pace, taking to a dark, claustrophobic, sub-laden corner of the Teddy Killerz style. Shooting off on another tangent completely, the, Neuro-hop, alien soundscape of ‘Planet Groove’ combines hard bass, quirky samples and wandering synths at 110bpm.