BT029 - Royalston - Sound Of The Rain

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Already famous for his precise, scientific style of production, Royalston is well-known to those into the most innovative Bass Music. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Dylan Martin AKA Royalston’s sound has already earned him releases on Bad Taste Volume 5 and Hospital Records offshoot Med School. Now, after support from London Elektricity, dBridge, Blokhe4d and more as well as the release of his huge Cerulean Blue EP on Med School, Royalston is ready to return to Bad Taste.

The follow-up to his highly acclaimed All My Life ft Mark Berry, Royalston’s latest release on Bad Taste Recordings features four slices of cutting edge bass music. From the dark sounds of ‘Sound of the Rain’, to the upbeat, retro vibes of ‘If That’s How You Want it To Be (Royalston Remix)’, the ‘Sound of The Rain EP’ sees Royalston show off his talents in another stunning release for Bad Taste Recordings.

Royalston - Sound of the Rain

A twisted blend of the old and the new, ‘Sound of the Rain’ sees Royalston offer up another unique production. Combining a timeless, bold bassline with Royalston’s trademark glitchy style and a distinctive female vocal, and the result is a track that sounds at home in a set of new age DnB or classic tunes.

MA - If That’s How You Want it To Be (Royalston Remix)

Not one to be pigeon holed, ‘If That’s How You Want it To Be (Royalston Remix)’ switches things up even further. A churning blend of sharp synths stabs, an infectious sing-a-long vocal, and a precisely engineered bassline, this is yet another anthem. Completely different to all that has come before, the infectious future- sounds of ‘If That’s How You Want it To Be (Royalston Remix) are hard to resist.

Royalston & Mark Berry -- House of Mirrors :

Soaring synths, lingering vocals from Mark Berry and an irregular beat all come together to see Royalston harnessing the atmosphere of classic electronic music and adding a modern twist. Full of nostalgia and innovation, ‘House of Mirrors’ shows even more variety from a producer and vocalist at the top of their game.

Royalston - Dead Hollywood :

Another track unable to be placed in genre, style or time, ‘Dead Hollywood’ is a futuristic, retro tinged tour de force from a musician on form. A heady blend of modern trippy FX, vintage synths and a host of precise production touches, ‘Dead Hollywood’ is the perfect example of Royalston’s scientific approach to production.