BT009 - Blokhe4d - Beyond The Void

Available Now -

The brand new release from Blokhe4d is now available in the online shop. You can grab it on mp3 and EXCLUSIVELY on vinyl direct from us. If you want to know more about the release...  here's what Blokhe4d themselves had to say about it.

"We have always loved the French House sound, and wanted to incorporate this into a track. The intro to 'Beyond the Void' had been around on our hard drive for a while, and we kept playing with different drops and basslines until we found one that fit. It was our plan to make both worlds meet, and we hope we've achieved that - the funky 'in your face' feel from filter house and the untrimmed brute force of drum and bass together in harmony."

'Horror Show' is one of those tunes that started with the lead riff. We were just messing around with synths and ended up making a sound that reminded us of a tune and we both loved back in the day. To emphasize that feeling we started to rummage for some fitting breaks and before we knew it the basis for the tune was there. Unlike Beyond the Void this track was quickly finished. It's simple, nostalgic, but at the same time ultra modern."