Free Download - Red Dawn

In the depths of a bunker far below the streets of Moscow, the dust-covered concrete trembles; the corroded machinery of a long-forgotten program shudders into life with a powerful wave of low-frequency. A pair of circular eyes strobe their way into existence, shattering the darkness and ushering in the cold consciousness of the Red Dawn’s last mechanized rank. The past is here to crush and assimilate everything in its path...

BAD TASTE RECORDINGS make a pilgrimage into a grainy memory of a future that never was with the Red Dawn EP, consisting of 3 tracks from renowned Russian artists RECEPTOR, COD3X and HEAMY and available as a free download.
Exploring different tempos and beat structures, each track offers something unique.

JACKIE from Receptor, has been long awaited whilst Cod3x track SMALL CHESTNUT ALLEY explores a dusty garage vibe and Heamy heads into quarterstep territory with the binary star system PSR 1913+16.

With the Red Dawn EP, Bad Taste flex their open attitude to new ideas with a firm focus on the quality of production channeling the sound of some of Russia’s brightest producers.