BT058DD - Molecular Music II EP





1. Redpill - Discipline
2. Art1fact - Disconnected
3. Cod3x - Undead VIP
4. Hyqxyz & Mean Teeth - Alive
5. MachineCode - Evaluate
6. Khronos - Disturbed
7. Mars - I Never Stopped FIghting
8. Encode, Valrus & Cod3x - Albion
9. Black Barrel - Transition

Art by Adam Pizurny / Design & Illustration
Release date: 12th May 2017

Bad Taste Recordings packs a catalytic punch with MOLECULAR MUSIC II following up the acclaimed first entry to the VA series, which features again a sublime mix of fresh and established artists expressing their rich takes on the drum & bass genre.
With the second component in their complex molecular structure, the long-running and influential label delivers a colourful and hefty sonic feast.