Awakening / Progressive





  • Why Drum and Bass?

 When I was in school, I had a big rock music collection, basically metal rock and alternative. The second thing which I loved was sci-fi action movies and also  games. When I heard drum&bass for the first time, it felt like I had found everything that I liked in one genre. Since then drum&bass is my lifestyle.

  • Best night out?

I think it's at a 'Let It Roll' night last year

  • Favourite music piece/moment?

The intro of Messiah by Konflict. Extremely love this track and intro!

  • No. 1 movie?

Butterfly Effect.

  • Current Location?

Samara, Russia. Last year I went to Europe for half of the year and maybe this year is gonna be similar.

  •  Track title meaning?

It's about the harsh reality of life and death, and that you only live once... so live it.

  • Wishes for the future?

Maybe some new level of drum&bass music... It would be great to see a new big talent emerge like in the past Noisia, Mefjus, Camo&Krooked. Someone who will show everyone a completely new sound.

  • Other music?

Basically Rock music. My favourites are Linkin Park, Slipknot, Papa Roach. We have some great Rock bands in Russia too.

  • Inspiration?

For me it's always a fantastic film, book or some great music from absolutely any genre.

  • Bad Taste & You?

Bad Taste, Bad Sound....It's just an honour for me to be releasing on such a great label.