We Are The Night - Part 1


Bad Taste proudly announces it’s latest release by Matys and Trilo: We Are The Night - Part 1.
Featuring two tracks filled with punk and malice ‘Champ’ and ‘Undertaker’ are set to punch. Following his last championship bout on BTR ’Exit Ticket’, we welcome -Trilo- back to the ring for another round, this time in a tag team with the mighty Matys.



- Why Drum and Bass ? ( Trilo )
I've been a part of a few rock/metal bands in my hometown in Slovakia. Switching to drum & bass felt like a natural progress or some kind of evolution of myself. The energy, dark vibe & groove was there. It has balls man! I also wanted to have more control over my output, so going solo was necessary.


- No. 1 movie ? ( Matys )
It's hard to pick just one. I'm into Tarantino’s and Scorsese’s movies.


- Favourite music piece / moment ? ( Trilo )
A truly magic moment for me: Summer 2006, an open-air festival in Slovakia, sunrise @ 5 am - D Kay & Rawfull - Be There 4 U. Apart from that, I loved the Hans Zimmers live show, which I attended recently.

- Current Location ? ( Matys )
Silesia, Poland.

- Track tittle meaning ? ( Trilo )
Champ - no great story behind this one, the title is based on the vocal sample - 'They want to hear the champ'.
Undertaker - we had a vocal sample 'I'm a motherfucker' which we felt was a bit cheesy. We decided to recreate it with the same phrasing. It's actually Matys on vocal duties shouting 'I'm the undertaker' which is less cheesy... : D

- Best night out ? ( Matys )
Modestep on tour, Katowice @Mega Club.

- Wishes for the future ? ( Trilo )
To make more music, get inspired, be creative and filter out the garbage. All of this can be done with good health, good vibes & my lovely family. : )

- Inspiration ? ( Matys )
Liam Howlett.

- Bad Taste & You ? ( Trilo )
Coming back to Bad Taste feels really good. After the closure of Renegade Hardware, which was the main home for my music, I am happy to say that Bad Taste feels like a new one. Definitely more shiny & fresh. It's good to be back! : )

- Other music ? ( Matys )
I'm into several kinds of music. From easy listening electronica to rock, rap and even metal.