NAKWAN - Turn On The Light

1. Turn On The Light
2. Obsession


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1. Why Drum and Bass ?

Drum and Bass has driven my life for a decade now. It's something I can’t describe, I just love it. Even though I listen to many genres, this 174 bpm always comes back naturally in my head.

2. Best night out ?

Renegade Hardware Final Chapter - London - 2016

3. Favourite music piece / moment ?

Rage Against The Machine - 1992 Album
Best moment when I discovered Planet Dust by Bad Company <3

4. No. 1 movie ?

Memento by Christopher Nolan

5. Current Location ?

Rennes - France

6. Track tittle meaning ?

Turn On The Light: I saw a light in the darkness of my studio when I started this tune 

Obsession: It took me a while to get that snare sounding like this and my mind was totally obsessed with getting that result.

7. Wishes for the future ?

I wish Drum and Bass will still be there to celebrate the next century.

8. Other music ?

I listen to a lot of hip-hop, but I’m very open-minded with music. I try to listen to the most things I can. Sometimes I don’t like what I’m hearing but I can appreciate the technical tricks.

9. Inspiration ?

Inspiration comes from anything for me, absolutely no rules.

10. Bad Taste & You ?

Old story, I just love this label <3