1. Zeratul

2. Panic Room

3. Skywrath

4. Gas Panic

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When two accomplished Serbian producers Treo and Crimsonix joined forces, SPLASH HEADS came to life.
They debuted with two tracks for the deadly “Eatbrain” double compilation “Mirror Universe” which were both highly approved by the fans, artists and DJs, gathering great support from the clubbing crowds. The second release was a collaboration with The Clamps that came out on Black Sun Empire’s label “Blackout”, creating more attention, approval as well as the confidence to proceed. They did so with another awesome collaboration with the twisted twins Gancher & Ruin for the Belgian heavyweight “Future Sickness Records” and a hot batch of tracks for the German “Genome Records” with the “Scensio LP” and were also invited by the mighty “Renegade Hardware” to appear on “The Final Chapter” farewell album, with their magnificent piece “Opus Dei”. It is now with great pleasure, we proudly welcome SPLASH HEADS to our home for all things Bad.