MALUX : Vaporise EP

MALUX - Vaporise EP

2. The Slip
3. Pitfall
4. Rattlefish


OK_Sometimes 4 tracks land and there is nothing to say apart from BAD = MALUX does it again with glory as he lays down one of the most edgy DnB EPs to date. No retreat, No surrender, No niceness .... Just dirtbags, loads of them! A slapdown nasty style without restraints, while at the same time being some of the most well produced, impossibly glued music to yet exist = A producers dream and a dance floors purpose —> So good, yet so so Bad! Stand back and watch as MALUX shows us how it really should be. MALUX - ’Vaporise EP’ - What is this? Has the world suddenly got its senses back? 2019....