Xeomi & Kaiza - Akma EP

1. Akma
2. Cerberus
3. Cold
4. Drops


Xeomi, is a Drum & Bass DJ and producer from South Korea. Well known in the far east for his aggressive approach to music and is a prominent part of the local scene with his crew —> The Wobble Warriors. Constantly improving and developing his skills by the day and fulfilling his aim to reach past the borders of South Korea, setting him apart as one of the few regional artists who are known in other parts of the world. Propelled by Bad Taste in 2018 with his track “Cannon”, crossing him into international waters.
He has now teamed up with Kaiza (part of Instinkt and Humanon) who besides deejaying Drum & Bass since 1996, runs T3K Recordings, also organising many events over the years and hosting the only weekly Drum & Bass radio show in the Mannheim / Heidelberg area (2001 to 2011). He started making his own music in 2005 and has built up a truly astonishing repertoire to date, causing a storm on Bad Taste throughout the past two years.
Now for the summer of 2019 they join forces to lay down the heat with their first official Bad Taste collaboration —> Akma EP