AKOV - The Syndicate EP


1. AKOV & BILLAIN - The Syndicate
2. AKOV & MEAN TEETH - Bulletproof
3. AKOV & EXPOSURE - The Rapture
4. AKOV & ZOMBIE CATS - Underdog
5. AKOV & MAZTEK - Stamp Your Feet
6. AKOV & VEGAS - One

The Initiation has been made.
An oath has been taken.
Now we see the return of AKOV to Bad Taste for the end of 2019. This time The Syndicate stands beside him, with members Maztek, Billain, Exposure, Mean Teeth, Zombie Cats and Vegas forming the inner circle. These varied personalities banded together to forge a joined creation and imprint their thoughts upon time itself.
The last piece of the puzzle is you.
Will you become part of The Syndicate?

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