Teddy Killerz - New Drums Remixes


1. New Drums [Gydra Remix]
2. New Drums [Nais Remix]

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Teddy Killerz - now no strangers to D&B, return to Bad Taste with two 2020 remixes of their classic 2012 entrance to the scene - New Drums.
Beginning with a cinematic introduction and adrenaline-inducing build up, New Drums drops into one of the grittiest, techiest tracks you will ever hear. Packing in relentless bass and powerful, intricate percussion.
Gydra - lets off this final updated version of his long-awaited take on this classic theme that has been destroying festivals over the past year on plate.
Nais - takes us down a twisted Neuro pathway that shows the remixing skills of this new talent for 2020.