1. Teddy Killerz - New Drums [Nais RMX]                       
2. Trilo & Vegas - Rush                                                          
3. Akov & Mean Teeth - Bulletproof                                     
4. Malux - Rattlefish                                                         
5. Agressor Bunx - Mental Process                                       
6. Transforma - Snake Eyes                                                  
7. Splash Heads - Panic Room                                             
8. DeeJay Delta - Midnight Train [Amoss RMX]                  
9. Billain ft. Redpill - System Failure                                     
10. Zombie Cats -Last Day                                                    
11. Taposky & VovKING - Bounce
12. Jah Mason & Hornsman Coyote - Belly Of The Beast [Filip Motovunski RMX]
13. Art1fact - Overload
14. Matys & Trilo - Champ
15. Tony Anthem - Bass The Final Frontier
16. Safra -Panzer March
17. Minor Rain - Metal Owl 
18. Xeomi & Kaiza - Sextant
 19. Screamarts - Empath
 20. Drumsik - Cycle Eleven

The latest instalment in our classic Black Box series with a collection of 20 tracks from the labels finest souls.
Once again we reach another milestone in the history of Bad Taste as we find ourself in combat mode for 2020. Compiled from over the previous releases with many familiar names who have grown to become the best version of themselves and the music which distinguishes them.

This time Black Box Seven has recorded their path from #Six till now, with a whole new adventure in between. A variety of styles form Neurofunk to Liquid, Reggae and more, crammed into one handy box of goodness to enlighten your listening pleasures. Every track telling the artists story of the time it has been written in. Every sound carefully picked to fit their tale.

“A taste of things to come” the leading thought behind this unique collection as we head forward into the unknown. Keeping our eyes focused on the progression and overall attitude of the artists as they grow, delivering their message through the music that fills our speakers and our minds as we discover the magic inside their sound.

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