XEOMI & KAIZA - Philosophy / Appeal


1. Philosophy
2. Appeal

The South Korean / German duo are back with two more tracks to make you think about the world we live in. As 2020 twists and turns - PHILOSOPHY & APPEAL open your eyes to a world that has already changed. This, their third mutual raw appearance on BAD TASTE continues their onward journey. Whilst AKMA EP nudged open a collaborative door it was soon followed up with their FUSED EP this January past, just before the dramatic impact of lockdown. Xeomi & Kaiza having together found their flow, are strong-willed and decisive, demonstrating their compatible teamwork with a third edition in this series.

Xeomi visited Europe at the end of last year, now having met with BAD TASTE label boss Vegas and in the flesh for the first time with his musical partner Kaiza, the doors of creativity were completely wrenched opened. On his return to South Korea, as the world split apart going into total isolation, their bond grew even stronger. With many hours spent talking about music and their traditional and cultural influence on Drum & Bass, they started to create. Resulting in and constructing the best version of their already original styles that have now metamorphosised into these two complete masterpieces. Watch them grow as we all unite.

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