DRUMSIK - Madman / Mind

1. Madman
2. Mind

BAD TASTE returns to the ever-developing sounds of DRUMSIK with what is the most advanced of his works to date. Release after release the golden child ups his game. These latest two gems fully describe his direction and signature sound for 2020 - MADMAN & MIND - Rhythmical genius with a very modern catch.
Following up to his - NOISE IN MY MIND EP - which showed an expedition of learning,     progression, hard work and skill, that brought you a sound echoing with reflections of Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and Vangelis. Now he’s back with something dirty, the progression continues for you to witness as he develops into a league of individual greatness, being one of the most talented new producers around.

MADMAN - is a looping warp of bass that when heard consumes you. Smooth and subtle while hard-hitting and defined. This melody will stay with you forever and take you on a trip to the essence and depths of D&B.

MIND - is a track that you just can’t quite get out of your… MIND. Another super addictive piece from the natural underground, the world of DRUMSIK. Raw to the core and truly unforgiving as it grips its hooks around your soul.