We caught up with Royalston from Sydney, Australia on the week of the release of his new single on Bad Taste Recordings to ask him some very important questions.

In case of zombie apocalypse, what would be your alcoholic beverage of choice?
Gin & Soda

Whose baby would you rather father - Blokhe4d, Noisia, Phace or Spor's?
hmmm. Some kind of cross-bred demon baby with them all. If I had to choose one, it'd be blokhe4d. They'd make good, caring mothers.

Weapon of choice for beating up boy bands?
I'd use the baby.

Pat Cash or Pat Rafter?
Pat cash

Who would you like to tie you up and why?
Definitely not my girlfriend. I'd be too scared.

Do you prefer Dubstep or car alarms?
There is a car alarm (heavily processed) in my track 'Insomnia' recorded by Dizz1, quite pissed on gin at 2am, running around the car park in his undies. You cant do that with dubstep.

Do you think Vegas got screwed out of the role of Frodo in lord of the rings?
Maybe Jonas (Uman) could have played gandalf too? or maybe an elf?
What's your favourite type of cow?
Charolais - a fine looking and well tempered cow

Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?

Webber or Stoner?

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